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Personal Counseling | Suicide Prevention Training | Career Counseling | Useful Links for Career Searchers

Counseling Services

Personal counseling

Students seeking counseling can learn about a number of personal and relationship issues: self-esteem, anger or stress management, single parenting, career decision-making, effective communication, Internet addiction, loneliness, depression, eating disorders, trauma, and wellness. Counseling is a safe place and is confidential.

The Emergency Preparedness website has information about emergency procedures related to students in distress at the Hamilton campus, Middletown campus, and VOALC

Learn about personal counseling services available at specific campuses:
Miami Hamilton | Miami Middletown.

Miami University Suicide Awareness and Prevention Project

Suicide Prevention Training

Students: At-Risk for Students is a 35 minute interactive training that teaches skills to identify signs of distress in friends and family members and connect individuals of concern to support services. The training can be completed online using the onscreen instructions and enrollment key "muohio23". 

Faculty and Staff: At-Risk for Faculty and Staff is a 35 minute interactive training that teaches skills for identifying signs of distress in students and connecting students to support services. The training can be completed online using the onscreen instructors and enrollment key  "muohio23".

Crisis Information App:

Just in Case is an app that provides crisis information and numbers to have on hand just in case of an emergency. The app also includes free and anonymous mental health self-assessments. Download the app by going to on your smartphone. 

Career counseling

We work:

  • To be challenged
  • To make a difference
  • To practice a skill or craft we take pride in
  • To have dignity
  • To have a secure and stable life
  • To belong to and serve a community

Is there a perfect job for me?

The reality is that there is no such thing as "one perfect job". There are good, better, worse matches and, even sometimes, great matches. However, even with a great match, there are always some career options that could be equally engaging.

People think that selecting a career path or making a career decision should be easy or prescriptive. Should it be easy to answer 50 questions on a computer and get the answer to "what should I do with the rest of my life?" Individual circumstances, national economy, experience, and geography will play a role in the decision-making process.

Career counseling will help you:

  • Assess your skills and interests
  • Learn more about your choices
  • Develop a plan with some flexibility

Caveat: Counselors do not make decisions. You do.

Useful links for career searchers:

Learn about career opportunities related to majors at Academic Advising in the College of Arts & Science at Miami University.

Self Assessment/Trends

  • Miami students may also access Focus 2 Career, an online career planning resource, purchased by Miami, to help students connect their skills and interests with Miami Majors, as well as possible career fields. Use "Redhawks" to register with the website to be identified as a Miami student.


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Miami University Hamilton
1601 University Blvd
Hamilton, OH 45011
Phone: 513.785.3000

Miami University Middletown
4200 N University Blvd
Middletown, OH 45042
Phone: 513.727.3200 or
1.86.MIAMI.MID (toll free)
Voice of America Learning Center
7847 VOA Park Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Phone: 513.895.8862

Greentree Health Science Academy
5757 Innovation Drive
Middletown, Ohio 45005

Phone: 513.933.3960