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Miami University Regionals' locations

Photo: Exterior photographs of Miami University's regional locations: (top to bottom) Johnston Hall, Miami Middletown; Arch and Schwarm Hall, Miami Hamilton; Voice of America Learning Center; Greentree Health Science Academy.







Miami Regionals Directory

Find people, offices, and regionals-only department information at Miami's regional locations.

Miami University People Search (Find contact info about students, faculty & staff associated with Miami University on each campus and at VOALC and Greentree Health Science Academy.)

Campus offices and services are listed in alphabetical order below.
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Academic Advising Hamilton 2nd Floor
Rentschler Hall
Advising & Learning Assistance, Middletown 001 Johnston Hall 513.727.3440

105 Mosler Hall

114 Johnston Hall
Applied Research Center (ARC) 2 S. Main St., Middletown 513.217.4300

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564 Mosler Hall 513.785.3264
Athletics Office, Hamilton 104 Gym 513.785.3112
Athletics Office, Middletown 114 Johnston Hall 513.727.3317
Audio Visual Services, Hamilton 304 Mosler Hall 513.785.3279
Audio Visual Services, Middletown 1 Gardner-Harvey Library 513.727.3356
Bachelor of Integrative Studies (see Department of Integrative Studies)    

Schwarm Hall 513.785.3241
Middletown & VOALC students
Johnston Hall 513.727.3309
Business Services, Hamilton 101 Mosler Hall 513.785.3205
Business Services, Middletown 116 A Johnston Hall 513.727.3212
Business Technology (BTE) 106 University Hall 513.785.7706
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Campus Status Line, Hamilton   513.785.3077
Campus Status Line, Middletown   513.727.3477
Child Care, Hamilton (Campus Kids) 100 Schwarm 513.785.3011
Child Care, Middletown (YMCA Daycare) Verity Lodge 513.727.3220
Cashier's Office, Hamilton 101 Mosler Hall 513.785.3162
Cashier's Office, Middletown 114J Johnston Hall 513.727.3321
Casper Lecture Series    
Center for Civic Engagement Hamilton 100 Harry T. Wilks Conference Center 513.785.3036
Center for Community Engagement Middletown Verity Lodge 513.727.3339
Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)
11 Johnston Hall 513.727.3464
Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)
College of Professional Studies & Applied Sciences    
Colligan History Project (see Michael J. Colligan History Project)    
College Fair 105 Mosler Hall 513.785.3111
Committee on Commitees
COMPASS Placement Testing, Hamilton 107 Rentschler 513.785.3139
COMPASS Placement Testing, Middletown Gardner-Harvey Library 513.727.3216
Computer & Information Technology (CIT), Hamilton Office

301 Mosler Hall


Computer & Information Technology (CIT), Middletown Office

111 Levey Hall


The Conservatory,

Concession Booth, Gym, Hamilton 103 Gym 513.785.3103
Concession table, Middletown Bennett Recreation Center 513.727.3322
Career, Co-op, & Internship, Hamilton 122 Rentschler
Career, Co-op, & Internship, Middletown 114 Johnston Hall 513.727.3233
Corporate & Community Institute VOALC 513.895.8877
Counseling Services, Hamilton 130 Rentschler 513.785.3211
Counseling Services, Middletown 14 Johnston Hall 513.727.3431

Credit Union, Hamilton

Mosler Hall 513.785.3063
Credit Union, Middletown 109 Johnston Hall 513.217.4013
Criminal Justice Program   Email:
Dave Finkelman Auditorium (call to book facility)   513.727.3377
Dean, Office of Regional, & Associate Provost, Hamilton 202 Mosler 513.785.3200
Dean, Office of Regional, & Associate Provost, Middletown 135 Johnston Hall 513.727.3211

Regional Office of, Hamilton

202 Mosler Hall 513.785.3020
Development, Regional Office of, Middletown 140 Johnston Hall 513.727.3463
Dining Services, Hamilton Schwarm Hall  
Dining Services, Middletown Hawk Haven 513.217.4077
Disability Services, Hamilton 130 Rentschler 513.785.3211
(TTY accessible)
Disability Services, Middletown 14 Johnston Hall 513.727.3431
(TTY accessible)
Diversity & Multicultural Services, Hamilton 114 Rentschler Hall 513.785.3024
Diversity & Multicultural Services, Middletown The Global Learning Center,
2nd Floor
Levey Hall
Downtown Center (see Miami Hamilton Downtown Center) 221 High St. 513.785.3251
E-Learning at Miami University Regionals   513.217.4003
Emergency Preparedness Website for Regional Locations    
Engineering Technology,
Department of, Hamilton
207 Phelps Hall 513.785.1804
Engineering Technology,
Department of, Middletown
205J Thesken Hall 513.727.3241
English Language Center The Global Learning Center,
2nd Floor
Levey Hall

Faculty by Academic Area


Faculty & Staff Online Directory

Faculty Support, Hamilton 532 Mosler Hall 513.785.3207
Faculty Support, Middletown 205 Johnston Hall
111 Levey Hall
205 Thesken Hall

Fantastic Free Fridays,

Financial Aid Hamilton:
105 Mosler Hall
114A Johnston Hall
Foster Care Alumni Support Services    
Gateway to Success, Middletown 8 Johnston Hall 513.727.3319
Grant Development, Hamilton 554 Mosler Hall 513.785.3254
Grant Development, Middletown 105 Johnston Hall 513.727.3337
Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Hamilton Harry T. Wilks Conference Center 513.785.3071
Harry T. Wilks Lecture Series   513.785.3020
Honors Program, Hamilton 242 Rentschler Hall Email:

Hours that Offices are Open  

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Miami University Hamilton
1601 University Blvd
Hamilton, OH 45011
Phone: 513.785.3000

Miami University Middletown
4200 N University Blvd
Middletown, OH 45042
Phone: 513.727.3200 or
1.86.MIAMI.MID (toll free)
Voice of America Learning Center
7847 VOA Park Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Phone: 513.895.8862

Greentree Health Science Academy
5757 Innovation Drive
Middletown, Ohio 45005
Phone: 513.933.3960